Talking with others A unique approach to communicate effectively

Durée : 2 jours
Nombre de participants : 8 au maximum
Prix : 1000 € H.T. par personne

Objectives of the course

  • Use your physical potential to gain in presence, charisma, calm and natural authority
  • Validate your qualities as a speaker and identified difficulties and find ways of improvements
  • Manage disturbing situations, answer questions in a calm and assertive manner
  • Build a dynamic, convincing and coherent speech
  • Practice in and out of context

Progress of the training course

The body, our best expressive communication tool

  • Be aware of the fundamental potential of our non verbal language : look, gesture, posture, breathing and voice
  • Physical exercices

How to build an efficient and convicing speech
Acquire tools and methods to construct a clear speech or presentation :

  • Fix precise goals
  • Develop ones creativity
  • Present my speech according to my goal
  • Use a simple and dynamic plan

Conviction game

  • Create and defend a line of arguments to present and sell an “incredible and non existing object”
  • Develop your ability to be persuasive using your personality

The art of speech : « I had a dream »

  • How to read someone’s speech giving it rhythm and feeling
  • Learn how to speak with emphasis

Be comfortable with every kind of situations and audiences

  • Be in empathy with the audience
  • Define the frame for public speaking
  • Defend your opinion with assertiveness being in an active listening posture with your audience

Public individual speaking in professionnal context

  • Individual training and feedback

A creative training

Participative and practical, the exercices are playful based on the actor’s technics. It unables treating 3 different dimensions : physical, emotional and intellectual. Each participant leaves the seminar with simple effective and personal tools applicable straight away.